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We welcome you to the future of trading where you are in complete
control of your investments. Be it a beginner or an expert,
you are sure to gain a lot from our platform.

$0 Online Trades

Looking to practice your trading? Use our trading platform to trade for no money at all, just to see how well your predictions are.

Thousands of Investments

You have the option to choose from thousands of investments with RoboMarkets. It is not to overwhelm you but to ensure that you have all your options open.

Intuitive Experience

This experience will help you understand the depths of trading, so that you may approach it more confidently and reap the benefits.

Why Invest With Us ?

No Minimum Investment

There is no set lower or higher limit. Your investments are completely your call.

Buy Fractional Shares Of Stocks

You do not have to shed loads of money. Use the services of fractional stocks and buy a little.

Thematic Investments

Choose from a wide range of investments to serve your purpose. Watch your savings grow.

Remittance Support

You can withdraw the money anytime you want. As mentioned earlier, you are in complete control.

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Here is why we are the best in the market.


We want to give the option of diversifying your investments and not just limit you to one thing.

Great Returns

Expect some big returns on your investment and witness meeting your goals quicker.

Non Market Linked Assets

It does not always have to be so volatile. Some investments guarantee returns.

What Our Clients Say

“Going in, I had no idea of trading. But there have taught me well.”
Robert J. Pape
“They truly care for their customers and their profits.”
Debbie P. Montgomery
“The customer care is prompt. I am glad to have chosen this platform.”
Carmen W. Delgado

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An Online Trading Experience That Puts You In Control

Join us to experience this first hand.